Summer Curl Tips!: 3 ways to protect your curls from sun damage

Summer Curl Tips!: 3 ways to protect your curls from sun damage

Summer time is here and while we must always protect our skin with sunscreen, we also should protect our curls from the sun. UV rays break down the cuticle, leaving your strands dry, damaged, and frizzy. Yes, this is a real occurence.

Here are a few quick tips to keep your natural curls protected from the sun:

1)  NATURAL OILS: If your hair is exposed, spray with distilled water and apply our Renew Hair & Scalp Serum ( which has a natural SPF of 10) on your curls to help keep them safe from harmful rays. This also locks in moisture. 

2)  COVER IT UP: Wear a hat or scarf as a barrier from the sun especially if you are going to be directly exposed for long periods of time. 

3) DON'T SKIP OUT ON DEEP CONDITIONING: After swimming, always wash and deep condition your hair with nourishing ingredients. Adding in fresh Aloe-Vera into your deep conditioning routine will also help. 

BONUS but very important: Be sure to care for your hair at nighttime by sleeping with a satin pillowcase or sleepcap. Cotton and other fabrics cause friction and breakage. 


                                Here's to a healthy and hot curl summer!

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