Adding moisture into your natural curls with Aloe Vera Gel. DIY with your little one!

Experiencing dryness? Aloe Vera can help! Aloe is a wonder plant that is bursting with Vitamins and rich nutrients - all great things for our natural curls.  Best of all it is SUPER CHEAP and usually 99cents at the farmers market. Yes, there are gels out there but nothing compares to the real plant. Get the whole Aloe Vera leaf and do it is easy and fun.


Watch the video below and see how we make and apply our Aloe Vera Pre-Poo. You can do this treatment every month. Your hair will love it. Regardless of hair type or texture, this really works well. 

Let us know how this helps!

Some benefits of Aloe Vera include:

-Rich in Vitamin A, C, E

-Infuses Moisture

-Strengthens & Cleanses Hair

-Promotes Hair Growth

-Relieves Scalp Itching

-Relieves Dandruff

-Hydrates and is great for skin!

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