Our Story

It started with a girl and her mom. Looking for a suitable night time hair care solution. Unhappy with the mediocre choices at the local beauty supply store. Finding a creative way to create a quality sleep cap that her daughter would be excited to wear. And so it caught on. Started with family and friends and now to You. 

Along the way.. this girl asked to make a business out of it and asked Mom if they could add dolls to the mix, to encourage young girls to care for their hair and inspire self-confidence - and Zuri Dolls were born. 

That girl is Zoe. CEO and Chief Muse. A fearless 7 year old and 3rd Grader, who is excited about her business! Savvy and creative, picker of the prettiest prints, she is hands on every step of her way and ready to make a difference in the world! 

 And on we go. Stay tuned for what's next. 



Beautiful Curly Me seeks to inspire girls to celebrate their beauty (inside and out) and to love themselves from curl to toe

We want to encourage girls to love themselves, their curls, care for them and look pretty cute doing it. 

Protect your curls in style!