Our Story

It started with a girl and her Mom.

At 6, she came home from school and asked Mom why her hair wasn't straight and "pretty" like her classmates. She didn't like her hair and she struggled with accepting herself. Mom felt terrible and wondered how she could help her daughter see herself the way she truly was. And so Mom began to encourage her with positive affirmations, books, and even decided to start wearing her hair natural to encourage her. Mom also bought her a black doll. All this worked wonders, and this amazing little girl started to feel more confident about herself.

But one day she asked, "Why does this doll have skin like mine but her hair is still straight! I wish I had a doll that had braids and curls like mine. I bet other girls would love that too "

She asked Mom if they could make dolls that she and other girls like her could relate to and Beautiful Curly Me was born.

A brand that encourage young girls to love and be confident in who they are.

Along the way, Mom was also seeking a suitable night time hair care solution for her daughter. Unhappy with the mediocre choices at the local beauty supply store, she looked for a creative way to create a quality sleep cap that her daughter would be excited to wear...and she did. The girl then asked to bring her doll along for the ride with matching sleepcaps...and it caught on! For the very first time. A great way to encourage young girls to care for their curls. 

That girl is Zoe aka Zboss. CEO and Chief Muse. Savvy and creative, picker of the prettiest prints, she is hands on every step of her way and ready to make a difference in the world!

That's why for every doll purchased, one is given to an underserved girl because all of our girls deserve to glow! 

 And on we go. On a mission to inspire a whole generation of #curlyandconfident girls!

Join us for the ride. 


Evana & Zoe