Unleash her Super Powers!

Unleash her Super Powers!

Beautiful Girl in Spiderman Outfit with Afro-Puffs

Seen this week, this 3-year-old birthday photoshoot stole our hearts. #CurlyandConfident Rose as Spiderman with her beautiful Afro Puffs is sending a clear message. In a world that tells our girls they are less than, we must empower them to know that they are filled with incredible talent, grace and special super powers! 

3 year old girl spiderman costume afro-puffs
  Photo Credit: Rae's Bleu Rose Photography
Every single day, tell your young queen that she can be  what and who she wants to be because she is magic!
That magic is her confidence, her brilliance and all the things that make her special. Those are her super powers. 

Discover her gifts, the things that come naturally to her and encourage her to tap into them. Listening very closely (even when she plays), observing and being mindful of the content she consumes goes a long way in learning what makes her tick. Allowing her to express herself without fear of reprimand is also key to unlocking her inner magic. 

We will dive deeper into these recommendations in an upcoming post. In the meantime, we would love to hear from you. 

What do you do to unleash the super powers in your little girl?

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