Summer Activities for Girls

Summer Activities for Girls

Summer is here! We at Beautiful Curly Me have some (screen-free) recommendations for how you can kick off the summer with three fun activities.

Woman carrying her young daughter, both smiling at the beach

1. Go Outside!

This might be the obvious choice, but exploring the great outdoors with your girls is a beautiful way to spend the Summertime. Go on a walk or a bike ride around the lake or on the river, set up hammocks between some trees, and just enjoy the sunshine! You'll love the break from work and screens, and your girls will love the bonding time with you.

2. Read!

School's out, and there is no better time to read! It keeps the mind engaged even though Summer break is in session, but there are so many fun topics to read about, and countless books for young girls of all ages! Tune back in at the end of the month for our monthly recommendations. Until then, check out Zoe's Beautiful Curly Me book if you haven't already. Happy reading!

Young girl holding up Beautiful Curly Me book with a huge smile on her face

3. Activities and Puzzles!

 Beautiful Brown Ballet Puzzle

Engage your girl's mind with some brain teasers or puzzles this Summer! There are countless out there, but doing them together can help you bond, and stimulate problem solving and critical thinking in your child. We recently released two new jigsaw puzzles, and these would be a great start! If you purchase and complete the puzzles this Summer, make sure to tag us or leave us a review on the website. Happy Puzzling!

Of course, there are countless activities to get up to in Summer, with the freedom of no school and the beautiful summer weather. We've compiled our favorites. What are yours? Let us know in the comments!

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