Her Mental Health Matters. 5 Tips to Help

Her Mental Health Matters. 5 Tips to Help

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It is important to ensure our girls are supported and are whole in all areas of their lives especially mentally and emotionally. Here are 5 tips to keep her emotional wellbeing in tip top shape.

1. Boost her Self-Confidence!:Use words of encouragement and praise her for doing a good job. Receiving acknowledgement for her efforts will boost her confidence to tackle new challenges. Hearing those words of affirmation from you will inspire her to do more. Surrounding her with positivity always - from the books she reads, to the toys she interacts with, she should always feel seen, heard and cherished. 

2. Allow her to Fail, but Fail Up: Failure is a part of life. It is important not to sugar coat this but to help her learn from disappointments and failures. By being open and transparent with her about your failures, you allow her to be comfortable with learning from any disappointing situation and finding solutions to make things better or avoid the falls the next time. 

3. Encourage Self-Expression: Spend time talking and listening to what she says. Ask open-ended questions. Encourage her to write down how she feels. A journal helps greatly with this. Say it, Show it, was written by our CEO at 8 years old to spark self-expression in children like her. When they write down how they feel, you can discuss this with them and better understand their emotions. 

4. Make room for mindfulness: When we do things for other people, we experience joy ourselves. This has been proven. By engaging in activities - ranging from volunteering in the community to even simple things around the house, teaching our children the act of giving is one of the greatest gifts. Arming them with tools that encourage them to not find the positives in every situation they are in and also do for others is a great way to keep them balanced and grounded emotionally. 

5. Connect:  Spend time together. Not just any time,  spend quality time. Listen to Music. Dance. Cook. Take a walk. Give each other pedicures. Whatever you do, just be present in the moment. No matter how short. These bonding moments are key ingredients in the recipe for a stronger, balanced more confident girl. 


How do you boost your daughter's emotional well-being? 

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