12-year-old CEO Zoe Oli speaks at the Forbes BLK Summit | Fantasia gets a Bella Doll and Surprises Zoe!

12-year-old CEO Zoe Oli speaks at the Forbes BLK Summit | Fantasia gets a Bella Doll and Surprises Zoe!

What an amazing day! Our CEO Zoe, was invited to speak at the Forbes BLK Summit in Atlanta on Monday, July 24, 2024. She spoke on a panel moderated by Forbes CEO, Michael Federle about all things youth entrepreneurship and the next generation. The summit was filled with inspiring ideas and engaging conversations about the future of our community by leading executives, entrepreneurs, creators and changemakers.

Later that day, Grammy Award Winning Actress Fantasia Taylor spotlighted Zoe and our resident Fro Queen, the Beautiful Curly Me Bella Doll , on the main stage during the event. 

We loved meeting  and were inspired by so many amazing people at the Forbes BLK summit including Grammy award winning artist Kirk Franklin, NBA All-Star Russ Westbrook, Ayana Parsons and Kitty Black Perkins - Creator of the first Black Barbie. Kirk Franklin, Kitty Black Perkins, Russ Westbrook, Mike Federle with Zoe Oli

The highlight of our day was the opportunity to meet Grammy award winning artist, and actress, Fantasia! When it was time for her talk, she surprised us by walking on stage with our Bella doll, and inviting Zoe up to the front. In Fantasia Taylor's words, “As business women, this is what we have to do, Protect, Love, and Promote each other.”  Watch the Fantasia surprise here 

Zoe Oli, CEO Beautiful Curly Me and Fantasia Taylor

The opportunities to be in these rooms and spaces to inspire is one we do not take for granted, as we remain firmly focused on our mission to uplift and empower the next generation of Confident Girl Leaders and positively impact 1 million+ girls over the next 5 years. Representation Matters. 

ZoeOli, 12 speaks at the ForbesBLK Summit

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