Hair Care Bedtime Routine in 3 Easy Steps

Hair Care Bedtime Routine in 3 Easy Steps


Do you have a consistent hair care routine before bed? Here are 3 easy steps that work perfectly to keep those curls protected and boost your daughter's self-esteem and confidence every single night. Try this together! 

1. Hydrate and add moisture to your curls -  Lightly spritz your hair with an aloe vera & water mixture (1 part aloe vera juice, 1 part distilled water) and seal with your favorite natural oil blend. Our Renew Hair + Scalp Serum works perfectly. Massage the oil into your scalp to stimulate your follicles for growth and nourish your curls. 

2. Get hair ready for bed: If you have braids or another style in place, then it should be easy peasy. For braids or locs, avoid sleeping with elastic bands, instead gently sweep up your hair with a satin scrunchie. For curls, you can twist your hair or put it in plaits OR sweep up in a pinneaple style. 

3. Sleep with a Satin Pillowcase or Satin Bonnet to retain moisture and prevent breakage. Cotton and other fabric dry out our curls. Sleeping on silk or satin is smoothing to our hair and the recipe for good hair sleep. Get fun prints and even match with her.

4. Bonus: Before you sleep, say something great about your hair. It can be one line - "My curls are beautiful and I love my hair" or read a few pages from the Beautiful Curly Me book. Words matter. Teach her to affirm herself every day. Take turns sharing things you love about your curls. 

Having a consistent routine and teaching this to your young queen early helps her love and appreciate her hair. Doing it with Leyla or Anika makes it fun for her! Doing it together is priceless!

What's your bedtime hair routine?

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