Our Satin-Lined Sleep Caps

Why us?

1. Quality:

Our products are made with 100% satin charmeuse. A luxurious satin weave that is closest to silk and affordable. Lots of cheaper bonnets are made from nylon, which does not do the job. We pay close attention to the fabric we select and how the product is made.

2. Double-lined/Reversible:

 We offer caps with an extra layer, so both sides are the smooth side of the charmeuse fabric. This makes the caps reversible. All the benefits of satin at 1 low price and 2 looks.

 3. Encased Elastic:

 No exposed elastic rubbing against your edges. All elastic is encased in the satin fabric.

4. Made in the USA: 

Our caps are hand made in Atlanta, Georgia. Your support directly affects local businesses.

5. Child-Owned Business: 

Specifically, a young black queen. The world needs more black girl magic!


Pretty Caps! Enough of the monotones. We have cool prints that all girls can get excited about. 


Happy Shopping!!!