We are what we hear. We are what we say we are. What are you saying to your daughter? Are you building her up? 

Be sure to tell her everyday what she is. The more she hears it and says it, The more she will BE IT. 

Don't forget you cannot pour from an empty cup, so be sure to fill yourself up with words that uplift. 

Do you have a daily affirmation you use? Share with us below! 

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Here's an easy affirmation for her to say daily!


Let's keep raising a generation of curly and confident girls and women who will impact our world!


  • Karen Toppin

    Well first of all my word of my my model or my Creed is to always have a vision without a vision you have no direction and I tell my son that what is your vision what is your picture in your head if you can form a picture then you can get to the destination and then you can go on the journey no matter what the circumstances……#withoutvisionweperish

  • Michele McDaniel

    Great message. Yes, Words do matter in what you speak to yourself because it’s the difference between whether you move forward or fall in despair! Continue to speak life!

    Thank you!

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