Spreading Dolls, Confidence & Cheer!: #GiftADoll Atlanta Mission

Spreading Dolls, Confidence & Cheer!: #GiftADoll Atlanta Mission

Give Girls Dolls They Can See Themselves In to Build Their Self-Confidence

We love every opportunity to give back especially during this time of year. So while we gift dolls all year round, this holiday, I was so happy for an in-person visit with the children at Atlanta Mission  - My Sister's House, an overnight Women & Children's Shelter to talk about all things confidence, entrepreneurship, share doll gifts to all the girls 6 and under at the house and give copies of my books and puzzles to the classrooms. It is so important to make a difference and bring smiles to the faces of others. 


Thanks for all your support on our mission to instill and inspire confidence in young black and brown girls, so they can achieve their highest potential.

Know that every doll you BUY, makes a difference. And if you don't have a little, you can Gift-A-Doll directly to an amazing young girl. 


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