How to create a nursery that inspires self-love and confidence

How to create a nursery that inspires self-love and confidence

Inspired by the book, Beautiful Curly Me

As mothers, we want to raise daughters that truly love themselves. The journey of self-love and self-care starts the day your baby arrives home in your arms for the first time. Creating an environment that inspires self-love and confidence means setting the foundation for emotional development and a positive self-image.

Beautiful Curly Me

Here are some ways to create a nursery that inspires a healthy sense of self-worth inspired by one of our now favorite books, Beautiful Curly Me by Ona Zoe Oli.




1. Creating a Space with Color

Be intentional about the color scheme. Choose colors that promote calmness. But do not shy away from color. Soft pastels like lavender, mint green, or light blue and pink are some great choices. Colors have the ability to transform how we’re feeling. What color pallets to see when you feel happy, calm, and relaxed? That’s the type of environment you can influence with color.
Colorful Nursery Wall Stickers

Incorporating color can include wall decor stickers, painting an accent wall, a rug, a bright colored throw pillow on the rocker, the crib sheets, or arranging all the books on a shelf by the color of their spine. Choose which ones work for your space, and enjoy bringing your nursery to life!

Here’s one of our favorite wall decor stickers:  “Like the vibrant colors of the rainbow or ice cream flavors” Boho Rainbow Wall Decor Stickers

2. Loving Yourself through Language

Even though our kids won’t be able to read for several years, it doesn’t mean we can’t recite positive affirmations, say prayers, or read to our children. We love the idea of putting up decor that reinforces these positive messages. 

Here are a few ideas to incorporate daily affirmations into your baby’s nursery: 

  • Affirmation as wall art. Some suggested sayings: “I am beautiful” “My curls are magical” or “I am in the world to do bold, amazing things”

3. Create a reading nook

Don’t overlook a reading nook for a toy chest. Encouraging a love of reading will promote independence. Books are a great way to feature diverse characters and positive messaging. Beautiful Curly Me was written by 8 year old Zoe Oli and her love for books has sparked a movement.  

Kids Playhouse and Reading Nook
                                                          Kids Playhouse and Reading Nook

Use mirrors strategically. Mirrors can be a powerful tool to promote self-love and confidence. Placing a mirror in your child's nursery allows them to see themselves and practice positive self-talk. 

Decorative Cloud Mirror

“I love and accept every part of me. My hair, nose and even the gaps in my teeth.” Decorative Mirror for Children Room (cloud)

By incorporating these simple additions, we can create nurseries that not only celebrate black girl magic but encourage creativity and a sense of pride. This is an ongoing process that requires intentional choices and reflection. It is never too early to begin. 

Guest contributor: Kimberly Jolasun, mom of 2 based in Atlanta, GA. Kimberly is the CEO and founder of Villie, a company that helps expecting parents get support from their loved ones and the creators of the Gender Reveal Game.

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