3 ways to get your daughter excited about her natural hair

3 ways to get your daughter excited about her natural hair

Natural Curls

Our natural curls are beautiful, period. Irrespective of curl pattern - 4a, 4b, 4c it doesn't matter, all textures are unique and beautiful.  But maybe your daughter doesn’t get as excited as she could be at the prospect of taking care of her type of hair for a variety of reasons. 

It’s normal for girls to question their appearance especially when they face issues like bullying or even absorb negative media narratives, so it's important you combat any feelings of insecurity when it comes to her natural hair. Her hair is perfect just the way it grows out of her head, and she needs to know that!

Here are a few tips to spark some joy in her about the prospect of taking care of and loving her natural hair.

Make Wash Day and Hair Styling Fun

Caring for our hair is important, so make sure it doesn’t feel like a chore. Make a day of it! 

Mother and daughter dancing
In addition to using your favorite natural products to get those curls clean and moisturized, make it a memorable experience for you two, your own special ritual. Incorporate fun activities like listening and dancing to your favorite playlist even before you get started! 

Engage her in the process, by teaching her how to properly wash and  moisturize her hair, step by step and allowing her practice. As she learns to care for her curls and sees them flourish, she will feel great inside and out. Doing this together is a great way to bond and boost her confidence.  

Make Hair Protection Fun

You know better than anyone just how crucial it is to protect your hair at night. Satin sleep caps and pillowcases are necessary to hold in moisture and prevent damage and frizz as well as extend the life of any protective hairstyles.

Mommy, Mini & Me Sleepcap Set

A high quality and cute sleep cap is a great way to motivate her to engage with caring for her curls. If your daughter has a beloved doll or toy, our doll sized sleepcaps are perfect for them to match! Get her a Mini & Me set or better yet, you 3 can get a matching Mommy, Mini & Me set to make bedtime fun while caring for your curls together.

Most of our sleepcaps have adjustable bands, to stay on all night on even the wildest sleeper. Ger her involved! Have her pick out a fun print or color that she would like to wear from our line, handpicked by a young girl just like her. 

Maintain a Positive Approach

The more your normalize her hair, the more she will enjoy it. Don't complain about it being difficult. Look up style ideas together. Make fun videos. Give her books to read that celebrate her natural hair. Representation mattersEvery girl should be able to look in the mirror and adore what she sees, just the way it is.

Mother Daughter with Black Doll

Taking time to really engage with her hair and give it love is an important step towards building her up and teaching her to love not only her hair, but her whole self.  Listen. Encourage. Lead by example and Be positive. 


What types of things do you to make hair care fun with your daughter? Let us know in the comments. 


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